Wal-Mart Tip-Toes Line

The business world lives on the fine line that is considered “Ethics.”  This is becoming an issue for PR professionals since there is always bone to be picked with most of today’s corporations.  Unfortunately, there has to be more than moral fiber for a firm to become successful.  This is where that fine line comes into play.  Some will dance around the corners in order to make a profit even if it may provide a blow to their image.  If that is the case, there is work to be done to reestablish a respectable reputation.

Wal-Mart is an excellent example.  They are being accused of unlawfully firing employees who participated in protests last black Friday.  These workers were fighting for better work conditions and should have been legally protected by the laws established by the union.  This looks poorly un Wal-Mart’s reputation, it tells people that they want to intimidate their employees into playing by their rules.  This negative publicity may cause an impact on their business, especially one black Friday, coming up next week.  Wal-Mart must react positively in a way that can reestablish trust into their customer base.

An article, http://money.cnn.com/2013/11/18/news/companies/walmart-workers/index.html?iid=SF_BN_River  gives more information on this case and states that there are more and more cases like that are popping up for Wal-Mart.


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