How Much is Enough?

In order for an organization to be successful, there has to be a firm line of communication between leadership and workers.  If an entire business can move forward with the same goals and attitudes, it would be a perfect world.  It’s almost as if the decisions are being made behind the curtain.  This is why having a strong relationship between your corporate decision makers and your worker bees putting in the effort.  By communicating well with your employees it avoids suspicion and rumors flowing through your ranks because they trust your judgment.  


However, there will always be turmoil to stir the fire.  For example, an article on Bank of America recently having an intern suddenly die on the clock .  They say he died of natural causes due to a rare disease, unfortunately they are also associating the results on stress and overworking with long hours.  This draws a lot of negative attention to an already stereotyped industry.  Naturally, employees are curious to what really happened and if not communicated with properly, the rumors will spread like wildfire.  On top of that, their public will start to perceive them with a negative image which brings the question to your integrity as an organization.

Bank of America has some important decisions to make on the best way to handle this situation in the next few days. This clip describes the expected plan of action by Bank of America. 


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